Appliance care

How to make sure you’re being ‘gas safe’

New research shows that we’re not as ‘gas safe’ as we think.

How (and why) to clean your laptop

Safe ways to clean your laptop & computer equipment without damaging them.

Unusual things you can put in your dishwasher

There are a few things you could put through the dishwasher that you’d have never imagined.

Connected living

Travel gadgets to take on holiday

Smart technology that will add some ease to your travel experience.

This could be the future of washing machine design

The space-saving washing machine that’s perfect for small spaces.

You could soon try gadgets before you buy

Would you be more likely to buy if you could ‘try out’ gadgets beforehand?

Energy saving

Our energy is going green

The National Grid reported our greenest summer ever in 2017.

The cheapest times to use your washing machine

The National Grid could tell you 2 days in advance through an app.

Saving energy and the world with virtual reality

Virtual reality experiences change how we act, which can help us save energy and the environment.

Hints & Tips

Hottest family holiday destinations – 2018

Whatever your holiday style, we’ve put together a list of popular destinations for 2018.

How to keep your house safe when you’re on holiday

Don’t advertise the fact you’re on holiday – do these things before you leave.

We need to talk about plastic

Our addiction to this cheap, malleable material has had a devastating impact on the environment.

Money saving

Five ways to save money on groceries

If you’re not mindful of how you’re food shopping, the receipts soon add up.

The clothing that grows with your child

This year’s James Dyson Award winner has invented a material that’s waterproof and grows with your child.

Shopping for kitchen appliances on Black Friday?

How to shop for the best washing machines, fridges and ovens.

Our news

3 reasons we support Worldwide Cancer Research

With World Cancer Day on 4th of Feb, we’re putting a spotlight on the work they do.

Over £17,000 raised for children’s charity

More than £17,000, 250 Christmas presents and hundreds of art supplies donated.

We volunteered to take calls for Comic Relief

Over 120 Domestic & General employees volunteered their time to take calls.