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Introducing the video doorbell
by in Connected livingSeptember 7, 2017

Missed deliveries will be a thing of the past.

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Generating electricity from our footsteps
by in Connected livingAugust 14, 2017

A North London company is working on doing just that.

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An answer to food waste: community fridges?
by in Money savingJuly 31, 2017

It connects the community, helps families save money and reduce waste.

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Smart home gadgets to help you go green
by in Energy savingJune 27, 2017

If you haven’t bought into the smart home trend yet, these gadgets might persuade you.

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5 gadgets that could reduce your car insurance
by in Hints & Tips, Money savingJune 23, 2017

There are a few things you can buy to curb the cost of your next quote.

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Quick ways you can save money on energy bills
by in Energy savingJune 22, 2017

We all want to spend a little less on bills. Here’s a list of things that can help.

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Clean your kitchen like a seasoned pro
by in Hints & TipsJune 16, 2017

Here are a few tips to help make light work of cleaning the kitchen.

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5 reasons you should buy a smartwatch right now
by in Connected livingMay 8, 2017

Hopefully this article will help you decide if a smartwatch is for you or not.

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How to charge your iPhone in double-speed
by in Hints & TipsApril 24, 2017

If you need to charge your phone in a hurry, there are hacks to speed up the process.

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Tech to help your overall wellbeing
by in Connected living, Hints & TipsApril 18, 2017

These gadgets can help keep your mind and body healthy.

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5 ways VR is changing the world for the better
by in Connected livingApril 4, 2017

People are finding ever more inventive ways to use VR technology for the power of good.

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New Netflix feature will save valuable binge time
by in Hints & TipsMarch 23, 2017

Finally, the feature we’ve all been waiting for!

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5 energy-efficiency apps you need to download
by in Connected living, Energy saving, Money savingMarch 21, 2017

Interested in cutting your energy emissions? Here are the apps you need.

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Google & Levis unveil smart jacket
by in Connected livingMarch 15, 2017

Levis and Google teamed up back in 2015 and have unveiled their first innovation.

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How long can you keep foods fresh in the fridge?
by in Hints & Tips, Money savingJanuary 17, 2017

Apart from the obvious visual signs that a food is past its best, how else can you know?

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The bicycle helmet engineered from paper
by in Money savingNovember 17, 2016

Costing just £4, the helmet won the 2016 James Dyson Award for design.

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How to keep your whites white
by in Hints & TipsOctober 31, 2016

Fight off the dingy grey or yellowness to keep your clothes looking fresh.

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Why smart home tech should do your shopping
by in Connected livingOctober 14, 2016

What if you didn’t need to know when you were running low?

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How to bleed your radiators
by in Appliance care, Hints & TipsOctober 12, 2016

It can mean a warmer home and cheaper energy bills – a win-win!

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Black Friday bargains you should be looking for
by in Hints & Tips, Money savingSeptember 27, 2016

Here are the Black Friday bargains we’re predicting this year.

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Pet gadgets are here and they’re awesome
by in Connected livingSeptember 2, 2016

Must-have gadgets for a pet owner’s connected home.

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How to keep your home safe when you’re away
by in Hints & TipsAugust 31, 2016

Did I leave the iron on? Will someone break in and steal my valuables?

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How to have your very own staycation
by in Hints & Tips, Money savingAugust 19, 2016

If you’ve got time to spare and need a break, a staycation could be just what you need.

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How to keep your fridge fresh while you’re away
by in Appliance care, Hints & TipsAugust 17, 2016

Before you go on holiday, you shouldn’t forget to prep your home.

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Kitchen trends for 2016
by in Hints & TipsAugust 1, 2016

Inspiration if you’re remodeling your kitchen this year.

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Gift ideas for gadget-obsessed dads
by in Hints & TipsJuly 26, 2016

Dads are notoriously hard to buy presents for – so here’s some ideas to get you inspired.

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Your favourite DIY cleaning tips
by in Hints & TipsJuly 20, 2016

Get the kids to help!

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The future of gaming is here
by in Connected livingJuly 19, 2016

If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing less of your kids, blame Pokémon Go.

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How to prolong the life of your kitchen appliances
by in Appliance care, Money savingJuly 19, 2016

No one enjoys an appliance unexpectedly breaking down…

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Will smart appliances catch on?
by in Connected livingJuly 19, 2016

Are people actually buying smart appliances and embracing the connected way of life?

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7 reasons you should spring clean your house
by in Hints & TipsJuly 14, 2016

It’ll just make you feel good.

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