Black Friday bargains you should be looking for

If you don’t know what Black Friday is by now; where have you been? What started as an American Thanksgiving holiday tradition has swept the globe, as shoppers enjoy a weekend of heavy discounts on big-ticket items such as TVs, kitchen appliances and games consoles.

Unfortunately, Black Friday can make headlines for the wrong reasons, with discount-crazed shoppers in stores physically fighting over items. For this reason, we recommend shopping online this Black Friday so you can avoid the queues and shop from the comfort of your home. But what should you be looking out for? Here are the Black Friday bargains we’re predicting this year:


The iPad mini was one of the biggest sellers on Black Friday 2015 and it’s looking likely to sell well again this year. Shop around a little the week before Black Friday and see which online retailers are doing Black Friday discounts, so that you know where to find the cheapest price on the day. We also recommend figuring out exactly what you want before Black Friday begins (such as GBs of storage and colour etc.), so you can check out much quicker and easier.


In 2015, the normal retail price of a PS4 games console was between £300 and £350. On Black Friday last year, refurbed PS4s were going for just £199 and brand new ones were £229.

The current retail price of a PS4 sits between £250 and £260 – expect some heavy discounts again this year. Shop around and you could even find one for £150 or less!


Woman shopping for new TV

4K TVs

If you’re looking to upgrade your TV to something smart; Black Friday is the time to do it! You’ll see heavy discounts on televisions during the Black Friday shopping event and 4K is the future.

Kitchen appliances

If you’re in need of a new washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, oven or any other big ticket item; there’s no better time to buy than Black Friday. Seeing as you can’t carry these home with you on the day, we recommend shopping around for the best price online and booking delivery (just be prepared to wait a little longer, as the popularity of Black Friday may extend the delivery period).


Whatever you buy on Black Friday, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t a wasted investment. With the money you’ll be saving off the RRP, you may want to protect it from damage caused by accident or breakdowns after the manufacturer’s guarantee has ended.

With that in mind, keep an eye out for the Black Friday event on – because your Black Friday purchase is only a bargain if it lasts.

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Got any Black Friday shopping tips of your own? Post them in the comments below!

  • Steve

    One thing I would add to your section regarding 4K TV’s is that a lot of retailers will be trying to offload low quality 4K TV’s such as the Panasonic/Techwood TV’s, so advise people to look at reviews / pricing before the Black Friday sale. As you remember they were off-loading low quality Poloriod TV’s last year!

    • Admin

      Good point Steve – sounds like you’re a savvy spender. Will you be shopping for anything in particular this Black Friday? Kelly