Connected living

5 energy-efficiency apps you need to download
by in Connected living, Energy saving, Money saving March 21, 2017

Interested in cutting your energy emissions? Here the apps you need.

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Google & Levis unveil smart jacket
by in Connected living March 15, 2017

Levis and Google teamed up back in 2015 and have unveiled their first innovation.

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Why smart home tech should do your shopping
by in Connected living October 14, 2016

What if you didn’t need to know when you were running low?

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Pet gadgets are here and they’re awesome
by in Connected living September 2, 2016

Must-have gadgets for a pet owner’s connected home.

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Is Google home the future of the smart home?
by in Connected living July 22, 2016

It’s a small speaker that will answer questions, control smart gadgets and do loads more.

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The future of gaming is here
by in Connected living July 19, 2016

If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing less of your kids, blame Pokémon Go.

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Will smart appliances catch on?
by in Connected living July 19, 2016

Are people actually buying smart appliances and embracing the connected way of life?

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What will the connected world be like in 2030?
by in Connected living July 18, 2016

The internet of things has arrived… sort of.

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Six gadgets to transform your spring clean
by in Connected living July 14, 2016

Save yourself time and aching limbs with our top spring cleaning gadgets.

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