This could be the future of washing machine design

With rising house prices, lots of us find ourselves in smaller homes than we’d like. And while we rely on our household appliances a lot in everyday life, you can begrudge the room they take up in your house (at least with the current design).

Well, if you’re living by yourself and don’t have a family-worth of clothing to wash, there’s already a solution in the making for you.

The Drawasher slimline washing machine design

Introducing the Drawasher – a slimline washing machine with a single clothing drawer and hanging storage space underneath.

Designer Ji Seung Kim has kept the design simple and stylish in order to imitate a set of drawers. The drawer part of the machine is where you put the dirty clothes for washing, and there’s a rail directly underneath the unit for hanging your freshly clean clothes either for drying or storage.

Inside the Drawasher slimline washing machine design

While there’s no word yet on when and where this will be going into production, it’s great to see concepts like this cropping up with design and space-saving in mind for the modern home. This particular model clearly isn’t suitable for the average family, but could help influence washing machine design as a whole in the coming years. Watch this space!