Six gadgets to transform your spring clean

We’re all familiar with the spring cleaning stereotype of frugal homeowners creating sparkling finishes with nothing but a few slices of lemon, a bottle of vinegar and an awful lot of elbow grease – but you can save yourself time and aching limbs with our top spring cleaning gadgets:

Robot vacuum

Want to save your knees and back from yet another dust-sucking trudge around the house? A robot vacuum cleaner could be your saviour, and will allow you to concentrate on the important things. TV box set, anyone?

Robot vacuum cleaning while man lies on sofa napping

Self-cleaning toilet brush

This nifty little gadget saves even the most squeamish from having to do battle with one of the biggest germ hotspots in the home. What’s not to like?

Window squeegee

Sparkling windows can make a major impact on your home. To get your windows, glass, showers, mirrors and more sparkling without the sweat, try a power squeegee like a Kärcher.

Squeegee cleaning glass top table


What good are sparkling surfaces when you’ve still got piles of paperwork mounting up? Once you’ve filed anything you need, invest in a shredder to securely dispose of any personal details.

Handheld steam cleaner

Steam cleaning is naturally sanitising and deodorising, so a handheld steam cleaner is a great way to disinfect those nooks and crannies with minimal effort.

USB keyboard cleaner

One of the easiest places to overlook when spring cleaning is probably right under your nose. Your computer keyboard is the perfect place for dust, crumbs and fluff to hide, so try one of these nifty gadgets to restore your keys to their former glory.