Technology trends for 2019

Woman interacting with robot in her home

What technology trends can you expect to see in the next 12 months?

The last few years have seen an explosion in technology developments and gadgets that have, depending on your point of view, have either the potential to greatly improve our lives or be a little too intrusive. The most notable developments in our homes have been assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, as well as smart appliances and the wider use of the Internet of Things.

You can expect more of this to come in 2019, as the appliances in our homes become more connected to the net and controlled via apps. Let’s take a look at six different areas where there will be significant tech advancements you can expect to see more of next year.

Foldable smartphone

Electronics brands have been touting foldable smartphones for a couple of years, but now it seems they’re starting to become reality. The idea is to address the concerns over large screens fitting in pockets, but without sacrificing image quality or processing. Samsung have made a lot of noise about their own foldable smartphone, teasing a release, beating Apple and LG to the punch, two brands who apparently have their own stake in the technology.

Smart kitchen appliances

The smart home revolution has been growing over the last year or so, as more of our living spaces have become more connected and controllable. Passive appliances have also become more helpful, going beyond their original basic functions. Expect more choice of these types of appliances available, from fridges to cookers to toasters and more. The world of appliances is only going to grow and will reflect current trends. For an indication of how our kitchens are changing, take a look at the recently unveiled craft beer maker. (Link out to

Smart displays

Home assistants with speakers have made phrases like ‘Ok, Google…’ and asking for help from Alexa commonplace. The number of owners of smart speakers has skyrocketed last year.
The next step is probably an obvious one – add a screen! Smart displays have been available through 2018, but as we get used to using smart assistant speakers, the graduation to finding a place in our homes for a display is just a matter of time.

Smart health devices

Technology around the home is advancing at an amazing rate, where even our kitchen appliances can communicate with us. But what about ourselves, our health and our general well being? While some advances might provide an arguably superficial benefit, there will be more devices that work with our smartphones and devices to monitor our health. Many of us already monitor much of this through our smart watches, but other devices are hitting the market. We can already buy wireless blood pressure monitors and smartphone breathalysers, but expect to see other, more specific devices for particular conditions, such as portable gluten testers and portable EKG machines.

Domestic Robots

As far back as the 1950s, it was presumed that robots would be doing all those household chores that none of us wanted to do. For years afterwards that still seemed like science fiction, but we’ve come a long way. Robot vacuum cleaners and window cleaners are still fairly rare in British homes, but they are getting more popular. However, it’s the sophistication of robots, their lowering costs and versatility in operation that is opening doors for other uses, such as helping people with some disabilities, or the elderly.