You could soon try gadgets before you buy

Investing in the latest technology gives you such a buzz. You get a thrill knowing that you’ve got the latest gadget and will spend hours playing with it and showing it off for those first few weeks. But a top-of-the-range gadget is just that – an investment. So would you be more likely to buy if you could ‘try out’ gadgets beforehand?

American electronics-retailer Best Buy is planning just that. They believe that allowing customers to rent a gadget first and try it out at home will make them more willing to commit to the purchase, so they’ll be trialling a button on their website for items such as cameras, audio devices and wearable tech. The button will send you through to Lumoid’s website, who will handle the renting of the products. Many of them will be used items.

Close up of Apple Watch

There’s also an added benefit to trying before you buy – you’ll earn credits through Lumoid which you can put towards the purchase of the item if you decide to take the plunge. You could earn as much as 20% off!

This trial could be the gateway to how retailers sell electronics in the future and Best Buy leading the way could mean they have an edge over the likes of Amazon.

What do you think of renting gadgets before you buy them? Would you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!