The cheapest times to use your washing machine

Have you ever wondered if there is a cheapest time of the day to put a load of washing on? Well the answer is yes, there is. Energy is most expensive when demand is at its highest, so using more during these times every day could significantly increase your energy bills.

But, thanks to new software developed by conservation charity WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and the National Grid, you can find out when energy is in high demand and when demand is low (and therefore at its cheapest rate). The best part is that you can get this information up to two days in advance, meaning you can schedule your wash accordingly.

clothes on a washing line

How it works

The software looks at weather information from the Met Office and historical data from the National Grid to predict energy demand. It breaks the day down into two-hour segments. It can also show when renewable energy sources are active, letting those households conscious about the environment use energy at the best times for wind and solar power.

How can I get it?

While the software has been developed, there aren’t yet any apps that have tapped into its power. The National Grid is expecting energy corporations to create their own or add the functionality to already existing apps.

However, there are already similar initiatives available. Some suppliers have started offering ‘time of use’ tariffs for those households using smart meters. You get rewarded with cheaper rates for using energy when demand is low. Green Energy UK and British Gas both offer tariffs which charge less for energy used overnight.

Moving in the right direction

This software could soon become main stream and change the way people use energy. This follows reports from the National Grid of “the greenest summer ever”, where 52% of electricity demand was filled by renewable resources.

Anything that helps the environment and simultaneously saves people money is alright with us.

wind farm renewable energy source