Our energy is going green

There’s good news in the air and it’s all thanks to renewable energy sources. We all know that they’re good for the planet, sustainable unlike fossil fuels of the past and, with enough investment, in plentiful supply.

Solar power is the fastest-growing energy source in the world and, even better, the cost of subsidising wind farms has more than halved and fallen below the price of nuclear reactors for the first time ever.

Governments have had a lot of influence over this shift, by moving away from traditional fossil fuels such as coal. China is leading the way, accounting for almost half of all the new solar panels installed worldwide.

wind farm on a beach with a sunset

The UK is getting on board with this trend and had our ‘greenest’ summer on record in terms of energy usage last year. Almost 52% of electricity generation from June to September 2017 came from low-carbon sources, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear. Just four years previously, that stat sat at 35%, so it’s a very impressive leap in a short amount of time. Almost a quarter of that electricity came from renewable sources, whereas only 9% had in 2013.

national grid statistics year on year

A record amount of renewable power capacity was installed in 2017 so the future continues to look brighter.