Reduce your bills and help save the planet

If the prospect of ensuring the long-term sustainability of our planet isn’t enough of an incentive to be energy efficient, then an extra few pounds in your pocket might just swing it.

A few lifestyle hacks and minor changes in behaviour can help make your home more efficient and save you money. What’s not to like?

Here are our top tips on reducing your household bills:



Stop those draughts – One of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce heating bills is to draught-proof any gaps around doors, windows and floorboards.

Insulate your home – We all know heat rises, so it can pay to insulate your loft and ensure that as little escapes as possible.

Let your radiators radiate – Blocking a radiator with furniture or long-drape curtains is a waste of good heat. Also consider leaving your curtains or blinds open during the day to naturally heat your home – and to save on lighting bills.

Tame the temperature — Avoid sudden increases in your thermostat temperature to save energy. And remember, just a one degree drop on your thermostat could save you up to 10% on your annual energy bill*. Finally, remember you can make more savings by reducing the temperature at night and when out.



Energy saving lightbulbs


Upgrade your bulbs – Using energy-saving LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs can help with long-term cost savings.

Dry your clothes naturally – Save energy costs by letting clothes dry naturally outside rather than using your tumble dryer – when the British weather permits, that is.

Stock up your fridge and freezer ­– A fuller fridge and freezer is more energy efficient – just make sure you’re not buying food for the sake of it.

Turn it off – Switch off any lights and turn off electrical appliances when you leave a room for a long period of time, unless it’s something that needs energy to function, such as a digital TV recorder.

Shrink bills, not clothes – Washing your clothes at 30°C rather than 40°C can save you a third of the cost to run a cycle – and reduce the chances of any accidental shrinkage.




Time those showers – Cutting your showers down to four or five minutes will help cut your metered water bills. And if your shower takes hot water straight from the boiler or tank, consider using a water efficient shower head to reduce water usage whilst retaining the power-shower sensation.

Watch those taps – Don’t leave taps running whilst brushing your teeth, washing or shaving. Also make sure you fix any leaking taps or connections in the house, as it’s literally money down the drain if you’re on a meter.

Other kitchen cutbacks – Using a washing up bowl could save £30 a year compared to leaving the tap running or using a dishwasher. You can save approximately £7 a year by only boiling the water you need in your kettle. And cutting back to one wash per week in your washing machine could save a combined £12 on energy and metered water usage*.