How to keep your house safe when you’re on holiday

While you definitely enjoy going on a trip or holiday, we tend to worry about our homes while we’re away. Did I leave the iron on? Will someone break in and steal my valuables? While there’s nothing you can do if someone does decide to break in, there are steps you can take to make sure you don’t advertise the fact that you’re on holiday to make sure your home stays safe while you’re away.

Bungalow with neatly kept front lawn

Keep up appearances

Mowing the lawn the day before you go, cancelling any regular deliveries so that they don’t pile up (milk and magazines, we’re looking at you) and keeping the curtains open are all things you can do to keep people guessing whether you’re there or not. Also, things like taking the washing off the line and moving any clothes racks full of drying clothes away from the windows mean there aren’t any tell-tale signs that no one’s been home for a while.

Keep a stiff upper lip

Don’t tell everyone that you’re going away and don’t post your holiday pics all over social media if your house is going to be left empty. Unfortunately you don’t know who you can trust and telling someone who knows where you live that you’re going to be away from the property for a week is tempting fate a little.

Be smart about it

If you leave your home unattended often, it may be a good idea to upgrade the lighting in your home with some smart technology. There are products on the market that let you control your power sockets from your smartphone and set routines so that the lights come on and go off again while you’re away – just make sure one of these isn’t a lamp that’s visible from a window or it’ll be a dead giveaway.

Turn off all your sockets

The only way to avoid that feeling of dread that you’ve left an appliance on is to be thorough before you go. Go around the house the day you’re leaving and switch everything off at the sockets; TVs, hairdryers (that should be off anyway!), toaster, kettle, washing machine – everything. You’ll have that extra peace of mind and will reduce the risk of a fire while you’re away. Just don’t turn off your freezer!

Follow all these tips and you’ll be able to relax that little bit better on your holiday knowing that you’ve done all you can to disguise the fact that your home is empty.

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