How to charge your iPhone in double-speed

For those of us who live by our smartphones, there’s really only one thing that lets us down – the battery life. While the latest models are definitely better, all that snapchatting your friends and instagramming your weekend can really drive your battery percentage down.

If you find yourself in need of charging your phone in a hurry, there are hacks that help speed up the process. Follow these steps when you plug in and watch your battery move out of the red.

Airplane mode

Airplane mode (or aeroplane for us Brits) stops your phone picking up Wi-Fi or 4G, so no messages will come through except SMS.

Some apps use the internet in the background even when you don’t have them open (for example, if they need to keep tabs on your location), so turning airplane mode on before charging your phone can really help save the battery.

With airplane mode turned on during the charge, your phone won’t be distracted by other things and will just get on with restoring your battery to full health.

airplane mode on iPhone control center

Low power mode

You should know what this does (clue’s in the name), but if you actually turn it on while your phone is plugged in, it’ll help speed up the charging too. Your battery icon will turn yellow and, if you haven’t got this enabled already, it will tell you how much percentage of battery you have remaining.

how to find low power mode within iPhone settings (screenshots)

Dim the screen

The brighter your phone backlight is, the more battery you’ll be burning through, so it’s good practice to dim your screen to conserve battery.

Leave it alone

We all have a hard time putting our phones down sometimes (thanks FOMO), but making sure your phone lies dormant whilst charging will drastically cut its recharge time. That includes listening to music and streaming using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices. Dig out an old school CD to get ready to or go off and practice some yoga – do what you need to do but leave your iPhone to its well-deserved rest.

Got any other tips not mentioned here? Comment below!