How to keep your fridge fresh while you’re away

holiday couple cameraYou’ve counted down the days until you jet off; you’ve packed and you’ve bought the sun cream. But before you go on holiday, you shouldn’t forget to prep your home before you leave because there aren’t much better feelings than coming home to a tidy house.

One of the biggest contenders to upset that ‘finally home after a long trip’ feeling is also one of the biggest appliances in your kitchen: your fridge. Leaving food to go off in there could result in some really nasty smells throughout your house. So follow these tips to make sure your fridge doesn’t upset your post-holiday bliss.

Start a week early

You’ve planned your holiday down to the tiny details, so why not plan for leaving your home as well? Around a week before you go (or longer if you’ve got a huge family fridge), take a look at what you’ve got in there and start trying to use it up.

If you’ve just bought some meat and realise you may not be able to eat it, portion it up and stick it in the freezer for when you get back. Or better yet, cook it up into a tasty meal and then portion and freeze it; meaning all you’ll have to do is defrost and reheat it when you get home.

full fridge

Clear out

You’re 24 hours away from your trip and there’s still some fresh food in the fridge – now is the time to clear it out. But don’t just chuck away the excess, give it to a family member, friend or neighbour to cut down on food waste. It could even score you some much needed brownie points with someone that will come in handy next time you need a favour.

Clean up

Now your fridge is empty, give it a good clean. You don’t need to use chemicals – a vinegar and water solution will do wonders on food spills or a lemon juice and water mixture will clean as well as leaving a lovely fresh smell in your fridge. Don’t scrimp on the scrubbing, make sure you clean all the drawers and shelves to really boast of a clean fridge.

You’ve got the power

If you’ve got a standalone fridge, why not turn off the power while you’re away? You’ll save needless energy wastage and could save a little off your electricity bills. On that note we’d definitely recommend turning electronics off at the plug before you go – not only will it save energy it’ll help reduce the risk of fire while you’re on holiday.

If you’ve got a combined fridge-freezer, could you use this as an opportunity to defrost the freezer as well? If it’s frost-free, you could still benefit from using up the food you’ve got in there, as you will save money on groceries in the days leading up to your holiday – meaning more money for fun activities or indulgent ice creams while you’re away!

Once it’s turned off, leave the doors open to let the outside air properly refresh the inside of your fridge. Just don’t forget to pick some milk up on your way home from the airport so you can have a much deserved cup of tea when you get through the door.