How to keep your whites white

laundry in washing machine

Whether you have a smart white shirt to wear to the office, a plain white tee to wear in your down time, or crisp white bedding you love to snuggle down into, it can be hard to keep them white. Even if you’re careful and avoid spills, over time the white dulls and you’re left with a dingy grey or yellow fabric. But all is not lost – with these tips and tricks, you can save your whites and help them live longer:

Wash them regularly

Just because they don’t look dirty, doesn’t mean they aren’t due for a wash. Perspiration can get into the fibres and turn your whites yellow or grey over time, so make sure you’re washing them regularly so it doesn’t get a chance to build up.

laundry basket full of clean clothes

Remove stains immediately

Stain removers and bicarbonate of soda are your friends – use your preferred method to remove stains as soon as they happen or they, too, will build up and case discolouration of your beautiful whites. Check out our blog on removing common stains.

Be smart with your washing

Using a laundry detergent containing bleach will give you a better success rate in keeping whites white. Another cleaner you could try is a ‘bluing agent’, which makes fabrics a blue-white instead of a yellow-white.

Also, it should go without saying, but always make sure you separate your whites from your colours and darks and wash them separately. If you’re really paranoid about dye spreading to your white clothes, you can use a colour-catching cloth in the wash too.

dials on a washing machine

Use the hottest setting that’s safe

Hot washes can shrink your clothes so make sure you take care what you wash at which temperature. But as a general rule, the hotter the wash, the more germs you kill. And seeing as those pesky germs are the ones fading your whites; the more germs you can kill, the whiter your whites will be.

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