Kitchen trends for 2016

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year, you may find inspiration in the latest trends.


We all dream of a kitchen so clean that it sparkles. With a high gloss kitchen (as long as you keep the surfaces wiped down), this dream can become a reality! Glossy surfaces also help to make the room feel lighter and brighter.

Brushed steel

Metallic kitchens have been popular for a while, and that popularity is set to continue for a while yet. The beauty of using metal accents throughout your kitchen is that it can work with a wide range of different cabinet colours. Popular choices this year are rose gold, gold and copper.

Pastel perfect

Bold colours are out for 2016 and soft pastels are in. Creams, browns, whites, greys and soft pastel colours such as duck-egg blue can all contribute to an on-trend kitchen for 2016.

Black Beko hob in pastel kitchen trend 2016


Gone are the days of minimal kitchens with only a couple of cupboards for storage; the design world has wised up to the fact that everything needs a place to be stored! Even if you have a tiny galley kitchen, there are storage solutions to suit you.

Connected kitchens

Kitchens are getting smarter than ever before. If you’re redoing your kitchen space, you’d do well to update your tech and invest in some integrated appliances. There are plenty of options on the market; from smart fridges that can electronically organise your family’s calendar, tell you when you’re low on milk and order you some more through an integrated shopping app, to wireless charging technology that can sit under your countertop to charge your phone, tablet or connected speaker.

Electrolux Expressionist Thermal Coffee Maker

Good lighting is everything

Spotlights are a good start, but on-trend kitchens really pay attention to the details and add lighting that compliments the accents of the kitchen. If you’ve included some really nice tiling for example, you’d want to include under-cabinet strip lighting or spotlights to draw attention to this.