5 gadgets that could reduce your car insurance

Having a car is the ultimate convenience. Many of us can’t imagine life without one, but anyone who owns a car knows how much of a money pit it can be. While insurance is an absolute necessity, increasing premiums can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Thankfully, there are a few things you can buy to curb the cost of your next quote.

Car speedometer

Get a dashcam (up to -10%)

If you’re a social media user, you’ll have seen how handy these can be. Gone are the days where it’s one person’s word against another, if you have a dashcam, it’ll record the events exactly as they happened and easily decide who’s to blame. They’re pretty cheap (around £30) and not only will be handy if you’re ever involved in an incident, but it could save you around £10 on your car insurance as well.

Say yes to a black box (up to -£250)

Black boxes first sprang into mainstream existence around two years ago and are usually reserved for young or new drivers. The idea is that the black box is fitted to your car and can monitor your driving to prove whether you’re safe. This will inform your insurance company and affect the premium they offer you. Your insurance provider will normally offer you this if you’re eligible but you can also ask for one if they don’t. Drivers who are deemed as ‘safe’ can save up to £250.

Install a parking sensor (up to -13%)

It can’t hurt to have a little extra help with parallel parking – even the best of us get the angle wrong sometimes. Front and rear sensors cost between £110-£120. You can fit them yourself to save on installation costs.  Alternatively, they’re usually an optional extra if you’re purchasing a brand new car, so keep a look out for that.

The sensors use ultrasonic technology and sound waves to determine how close obstacles are to your car, alerting you with a series of beeps. Install these and see your car insurance premiums fall by as much as 13%.

Examples of Aviva drive app

Apps could save you money (up to £170)

Some insurance providers have a telematics app they can offer you instead of a black box. A well-known example is Aviva’s Drive app, which is free to download and will rate you on your driving when you ask it to record your journey. Drivers with a rating of 7.1 or higher will see savings on their insurance premiums – which could be as much as £170.

Don’t have an immobiliser? Get one

An immobiliser essentially means that your car won’t start without the correct key, meaning it can’t be hotwired or hijacked in any other way. Most cars now have them fitted as standard but many older cars don’t – if you don’t have one fitted, it will cost around £85 + VAT but will save money on your car insurance. It’s a good idea for peace of mind, as well as helping reduce your insurance costs.

Get a great deal

Shop around for your car insurance. It might be tempted to accept the renewal rate you’ve been given, but it’s rarely the best price out there for you. Use a price comparison website to ensure you’re getting the best deal. I like to use comparethemarket.com, because not only do they list a lot of the main providers but they give you the perks of 2-for-1 cinema tickets for the year if you buy through them. If you’re an avid cinema goer, it means you can save money throughout the year as well. At the very worst, it’ll benchmark your renewal price against competitors. That way, you can make an informed decision about who your provider should be.

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