Black Friday TV deals and other electricals

This coming November 23rd, shoppers up and down the UK will be hunting for the best Black Friday deals.

So let’s take a look at the options out there when looking for TVs, Blu-Ray players, home theatre systems and more.

Best TV deals

There are even more options when it comes to TVs these days and it’s easy to get caught up in all the options and features. What is OLED? What is 4K? Do I need a 3D TV? With all these different specifications it’s possible to lose track of what you need in a new TV. Firstly, as with any major purchase, set a budget. When it comes to Black Friday TV deals, there are some manufacturer’s models that can fit within a budget between £200 – £500, which offer high definition compatibility. If your budget is a little higher, you can get some great offers around the £1000 mark from some of the higher end manufacturers and retailers like John Lewis.

Finding a cheap Blu-Ray player

If you’ve been putting off buying a Blu-Ray player, or just looking for a suitable replacement for your old DVD player, Black Friday could be the best opportunity to do it. And don’t forget, all Blu-Ray players play DVDs anyway, so you’ve got nothing to lose as it will play both with your LED or LCD TVs through the HDMI connection. The only other consideration is if you want your new Blu-Ray player to play services from Amazon, Netflix or BBC iPlayer for example, or if you want something simpler? Do a bit of investigation before the Black Friday sales as finding a new Blu-Ray player can be as complex as getting a new TV if you really get into the details. Keep an eye on the Amazon Black Friday page or you can even create a custom wishlist on the Currys PC World website that lets you track potential bargains.

Looking for a surround sound sale?

When looking for home entertainment, we tend to consider things like screen size and picture quality, but sound will make all the difference. Home cinema kits and surround sound systems will give your viewing experience an added dimension! But what is the right thing to go for? Options include 5:1 surround sound, which includes five speakers and a sub-woofer to add base, or audio accessories such as soundbars. Aside from cost, this choice is often dictated by space and practicality.

For example, you may have the space for setting up a home theater system, but the speakers do need to placed in specific areas to get the best results. If you have pets or children, it might also be impractical if there are wires going into the corners of your lounge. A soundbar can offer an alternative, delivering improved sound without taking up too much space. You’ll find some great deals on these home theater accessories this year at the big retailers, but also keep an eye on specialist retailers like Richer Sounds

Black Friday camera deals

There are some major savings to be made by shopping for a new camera during Black Friday, and it’s possible to find sales that cover the different kinds of cameras on the market. Finding a camera very much depends on your level as a professional, semi-professional, hobbyist or amateur, but there are sales out there for you, no matter your level.

Many high street retailers and department stores that carry camera equipment will have some great deals on compact camera, so look for bundles that have accessories such as cases and extra batteries. For more serious kit, such as DSLR cameras, you’ll tend to find discounts on the main body of the camera. Again, you’ll want to check out niche retailers, as well as the big players like Amazon and Argos, as they often have their own Black Friday discounts. 

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