3 reasons we support Worldwide Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research (WCR) has been our chosen charity for the past 2 years. With World Cancer Day on 4th of Feb, we’re putting a spotlight on the amazing work they do and why we support them.

1.     They’re all encompassing

While any charity is (of course) a great cause to support, WCR funds research into any type of cancer, anywhere in the world. Cancer is not a simple disease; there are over 200 strains of it, which goes partly to explaining why a cure hasn’t been found yet.

Since their foundation in 1979, WCR has invested almost £200m into research projects across the world. Many of these projects have already improved the lives of people with cancer, and others are being developed into new tools for diagnosis and treatment.

2.     Cancer will effect half of us

If you asked around your friends and family, chances are at least one of them has had direct experience with cancer or knows someone who has. 1 in 2 of us will have some brush with cancer in our lifetime. But survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years, thanks to the amazing work of charities like Worldwide Cancer Research and scientific breakthroughs.

Recent breakthroughs include discovering that gluten can contribute to the development of a rare form of lymphoma in some people with coeliac disease, the discovery of a potential new way to prevent the rare cancer Kaposi’s Sarcoma, and the discovery of a protein which protects against fatty liver – the most common liver disease in Western countries. Scientists in Barcelona have also just uncovered what appears to be a direct link between high fat intake and the spreading of cancer, which has huge potential to help prevent cancer spreading.

Read more about the impact this funded research has made.

Domestic & General employees visit a lab with Worldwide Cancer Research

3.     They fund the research of top scientists

The charity provides grants for projects that they believe will make a difference in the fight against cancer. They’re not interested in where the scientists are based geographically; they simply ask the brightest and best from around the world to submit their proposals and award grants to the most promising and innovative among them.

You can see a list of some of the research projects they’re funding right now on their website.

Worldwide Cancer Research's #LivesTurnedUpsideDown campaign message

How you can help

Every day, millions of lives are turned upside down by cancer. If you want to get involved in their #LivesTurnedUpsideDown campaign, text “UPSIDEDOWN” to 70004 to donate £5 to the vital work they do.

There are loads of other ways you can help with fundraising, such as leaving the charity a gift in your will, getting your workplace to consider partnering with them, or taking part in events like the Brighton Marathon in April. Or you can make a one-off donation by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button on their website. No donation is too small so please give whatever you can to this worthy cause.