We raised £14k for charity Abbie’s Hideaway

Abbies Hideaway Domestic & General

Generous employees at our Bedworth office have been baking, holding fundraiser days and taking part in sporting challenges for Abbie’s Hideaway. Thanks to all their efforts, they’ve managed to raise an impressive £14,000 over the last financial year.

About Abbie’s Hideaway

Abbie’s Hideaway provides free holidays for families caring for terminally ill children. It was set up by Melissa Ginns and Ian Mustard following the loss of Ian’s 16-year-old daughter Abbie from acute promyelocytic leukaemia in 2013.

Our Leicester Street office has been rallying to raise the funds and awareness of the charity throughout 2015/16. Thanks to the money raised, 105 children and their families will be able to take some much needed respite from having a terminal illness.

The ‘hideaway’ is a purpose bought caravan in Mablethorpe where families can spend quality time together on holiday.

What it means to us

“This is a huge achievement and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our staff and those who gave generously to help us raise this sum.” said Tracey Naughton, Bedworth site lead at Domestic & General.

“Each day we are there for our customers when they need us most to take the worry out of breakdowns, this year we have put our all into helping our chosen local charity, Abbie’s Hideaway, to help families make memories and have some respite from being carers.

“The partnership is a cause close to our hearts with the charity doing some great work in our area. We are delighted to have raised enough to cover the charity’s running costs for three years. We hope this will help Abbie’s Hideaway to continue the excellent work that it does.”

How we did it

We held a fundraising fete in Bedworth where we invited members of the public to buy bric-a-brac, cakes, books and CDs, as well as take part in some favourite fete activities such as hoopla, tombola and a children’s lucky dip. The fete raised £2,100 of the total.

We raised the rest through a number of collections and internal bake sales throughout the year.

What it means to them

Ian Mustard, director of Abbie’s Hideaway, said: “Firstly we cannot thank the staff and board from Domestic & General enough, their hard work and commitment surpasses any expectations we may have had going into 2015. We are astounded by the level of generosity in terms of time and effort by the staff and the immense kindness shown by the board topping up the already magnificent sum raised by the staff.

“The donations will enable some 105 children suffering from cancer/leukaemia to enjoy a break and regroup ready to fight on. It will also mean a further 700 to 800 individuals will accompany these children and make their own memories.

“What has been the highlight for us is the very fact that even in the office of D&G alone we raised awareness . . . who in turn told their partners, friends and family, making the total awareness peak at thousands through one company alone.

“The team at Abbie’s Hideaway will always be eternally grateful and like to consider the D&G team as friends; when we were low we felt we had an army behind us, that’s the strength they gave and will never be forgotten.”