Celebrating Great Service – The Total Excellence and Quality Awards (TEQ)


TEQ is a Domestic and General Award scheme which has been running for over 20 years. It is a well-recognised mark for outstanding customer service in the industry.

The Total Excellence and Quality Awards(TEQ) recognise manufacturers and contractors who have provided consistently high-quality repairs and service to our customers.

At Domestic and General, we pride ourselves on delivering great customer service. Our best in class partners are experts in the field. This ensures customers are soon back on track when their appliances go wrong. TEQ Awards are the perfect opportunity to recognise our partners for their great service and high standard of repairs.

We work hard to ensure we resolve the issue quickly, efficient and with the customer at the heart of what we do. Managing around two million repairs per year, we are proud of the fact that we resolve more than eight out of ten issues on the first visit. Our aim is for as little disruption to customers’ everyday lives as possible.

The TEQ Awards are based on feedback from more than 300,000 surveys sent to customers following a repair of their electrical appliances and heating systems. The survey covers all aspects of the repair: from the customer’s initial contact to the engineer’s courtesy, appearance and, of course, the effectiveness of the repair itself

Customer feedback is used to constantly monitor and improve our products and service to ensure we remain the UK’s leading warranty provider.

“In an ever-competing customer loyalty market, being synonymous of “best in class” for service is a sought after and coveted status that can make a big difference between customers choosing one brand over another. At Domestic and General we work in conjunction with our partners to understand the importance of putting the customer first. We are always listening to our customers to ensure we adapt our processes and business model to meet their expectations and needs. The TEQ award gives our customers the opportunity to reward the service provider they believe to have best delivered against their expectations”

Juan Viviani (Client Service Director)