Quick cleaning tips for busy mums

Another day, another pile of clothes to clean up, dirty dishes and toys all over the floor. When you’re a busy mum, it’s difficult to find the time to keep on top of all the cleaning and chores.

So it’s time to reclaim your home and use our quick cheats to get the cleaning done swiftly and gain more ‘me time’.

Parents and their child with a remote control in front of the TV

Always work from top to bottom

As with decorating, it always pays to start at the top and work your way to the bottom when cleaning. Any dust will be patiently waiting for you at the end, saving you from going round twice.

Use a timer

You’ll be surprised at how much tidying and cleaning you can accomplish in 20 minutes, and every second saved counts when you’re a busy mum.

Clean as you go

Easier said than done, but a little bit of short-term pain can prevent those depressing pile-ups of chores. Even rinsing your cutlery, plates and cookware after use can save precious time in the long run.


Even modern-day super-mums need a little help sometimes. Involve your children in the housekeeping with simple tasks such as putting their toys away or making their bed. And make sure you praise and reward the right behaviours to build good habits.

Embrace the essentials

It can be tempting to invest in fancy oven cleaners, sprays and other cleaning paraphernalia, but you can’t go too wrong with household staples such as lemons, distilled vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Vinegar, for example, is great for cleaning windows and mirrors when mixed 1:1 with water.

Set smart goals

While it’s good to be ambitious when it comes to cleaning, you’ll only leave yourself worn out if you take on too much in one go. Instead, try spreading it out into manageable bite-sized tasks throughout the week. ‘Little and often’ could be your mantra to a tidier home and a happier life.