Pet gadgets are here and they’re awesome

We’re a nation obsessed with our pets. I know many a person who wishes their dog could text or wants to put a webcam in their home to see what their little fur baby gets up to while they’re out of the house. Well, with Acer’s Pawbo+ technology, all of that is (nearly) possible.

Acer revealed that they’ll be releasing a bunch of products for dog and cat owners very soon at IFA 2016 in Berlin – they’re available to pre-order now and should be hitting the market in November 2016.

The range includes the Pawbo+ interactive pet camera, with a smartphone app that lets you access a live feed of your home and talk to your pet (so Harvey doesn’t forget who’s a good boy). This can then be connected to any number of the Pawbo+ partner gadgets; like ‘Punch’, an adorable whack-a-mole game, ‘Catch’, which waves around a feathery bird for your cat to try and catch and ‘Munch’, a remote treat dispenser – all of which are controlled from your smartphone.

Honestly, it makes you wonder why we haven’t had gadgets like this sooner, and this collection of gadgets could soon become a must-have for a pet owner’s connected home.

Dog sniffing at Pawbo+ interactive pet camera Cat laying next to Pawbo+ interactive pet camera