The bicycle helmet engineered from paper

If you’ve ever cycled on busy roads, or overtaken a cyclist in your car, you’ll probably have thought about the cyclist’s safety. Thanks to Great Britain’s success in cycling events at the Olympics and the introduction of ‘Boris Bikes’, more people are cycling than ever before (London has seen a 91% increase in cycling since 2000). But still, only around 20% of cyclists wear a helmet.

This could be for any number of reasons; including expense or inconvenience of carrying the helmet when they’ve reached their destination. Enter Isis Shiffer; whose brilliantly simple recycled paper helmet has won the 2016 James Dyson Award for design.

Paper helmet being modeled

The EcoHelmet (seen above) is woven into a honeycomb shape, allowing it to withstand impact from any direction and is covered with a biodegradable waterproof coating that can last up to three hours.

The best aspect of the helmet however is it’s flatpack design – the honeycomb also creates a concertina effect and allows the helmet to collapse in on itself for ease of storage and convenience. And at only £4, it’s the perfect addition to bike share stations across the country.

paper helmet concertina design

Paper helmet design Isis Schiffer with James Dyson

Runners up for the award included a wearable asthma management system and smart contact lenses that measure glucose levels. What do you think of the innovative design? Would you wear a recycled paper helmet? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.