Why should I service my boiler?

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Servicing your boiler could save you money

As the winter nights draw in and the clocks go back, the whole nation will inevitably be switching on their boilers. But you’ve probably neglected your boiler through the summer months and it may let you down when you need it most.

Servicing your boiler just once a year could help you to avoid big repair bills. Just like servicing your car; it can find little niggles within the system that could lead to a breakdown later on if left to develop.

Keeping your boiler in tip top condition can also ensure that your boiler is less likely to develop faults and become dangerous. Boiler experts have recommended that we watch out for these three tell-tale warning signs that your boiler needs servicing.

1. Rumbling, banging or clanking noises?

Any unusual noises coming from your boiler are usually a sign that something isn’t quite right. “Kettling” is a result of a build-up of lime scale and sludge.

Bleeding your radiators can resolve this problem and keep your boiler quiet in the winter months. Need some help with this? Read our step-by-step guide to bleeding your radiators.

2. Boiler Leaks?

A leaking boiler is usually a result of a loss of pressure. This happens when the boiler has been out of action for a while (we recommend turning your heating on once a week in the summer just for a few minutes to help brush off the cobwebs). If there isn’t enough water in the system your boiler just won’t work. Make sure this doesn’t escalate!

Worse still, if a leak isn’t seen to quickly, it can cause flooding of your boiler or even your house. It is recommended to regularly check up on your boiler for any leaks.


3. Pilot light still on?

No pilot light is a clear warning sign that your boiler is in need of some servicing. Without the pilot light your boiler won’t function. A draught, deposit build up or broken thermostat can cause your pilot light to go out. Make sure you notice this straight away or you’ll be left without heat and hot water.

A pilot light gone out is just one of the reasons your boiler may not be working – try our safe DIY fixes for your broken boiler before you call out a Gas safe engineer.

How else can I avoid breakdowns?

Experts recommend that you keep your heating on at a constant low temperature. This will help stop your pipes from freezing and your boiler breaking down.

If you’re worried about unexpected breakdowns, Domestic and General can help. We offer one-off boiler repairs and protection plans for a range of popular boiler brands. All boiler repairs are carried out by Gas Safe engineers who have the expert knowledge to fix your boiler if anything should go wrong. Why not browse our website and get a no-obligation quote?

Help, my boiler’s broken!

Don’t panic, Domestic & General can help here too. If you don’t have a protection plan on your boiler, go to BrokenBoiler.com and browse the options available to you.